Water Surveys in kenya

Our Services  

Water Surveys offers a complete range of professional services in groundwater and geoscientific studies.  The services range from, but are not limited to, inception and feasibility studies to identify areas of enhanced groundwater potential, geophysical surveys by a variety of techniques to identify individual drill and hand dug well sites, preparing of technical specifications and tender documents, and tender evaluation for drilling and  test pumping contractors to implement groundwater abstraction schemes, supervision of contracting works and interpretation of results to enable aquifer modelling to be carried out prior to recommending sustainable water abstraction scenarios for clients.  At all stages, full technical reports are prepared as required.
In particular the following fields of expertise have been used on various projects undertaken by Water Surveys:

·  Archive inventory and field survey for existing boreholes and well points.
·         Satellite image and aerial photographic interpretation.
·         Aeromagnetic surveys and interpretation.
·         Regional and detailed gravity surveys.
·         Geology and structural mapping.
·         Hydrogeological assessment.
·         Borehole siting using techniques such as TDEM, EM, resistivity & magnetometry.
·         Drilling and test pumping contract preparation and contractor supervision.
·         High accuracy differential GPS surveys (“xyz”).
·         Down-the-hole wireline geophysical logging and down-hole-borehole camera surveys.
·         Groundwater pollution and aquifer vulnerability studies.
·         Hydrochemical and isotope analysis interpretation.
·         Groundwater recharge studies.
·         Water demand studies, wellfield design & reticulation works.
·         Aquifer modelling and resource management.
·         Borehole camera surveys
·         Environmental studies.