Elevated water tower tanks installation in Kenya

We provide the best Elevated water tower tanks installation in Kenya. We offer design fabrication and installation of elevated steel tanks in Kenya. reservoir water storage tanks. When a constant pressure head of water is required for supply purposes tanks . Elevated water tanks rely on gravity rather than electricity for water delivery, which is rapidly becoming an outdated misconception. They’re no longer the first, only, or ultimate solution. In modern times, cutting-edge technology is able to replace the ancient practice of gravity-reliant systems.

borehole elevated tanks kenya
Elevated water tower tanks installation in Kenya

Some important considerations when opting for elevated tanks:

  • Specialized, advanced engineering design
  • tonnes of additional structural steel for the tank stand
  • this tank stand steel requires protective coating and ongoing maintenance
  • lengthy on-site construction costs for what are essentially two different projects:


The height of an elevated water storage tank impacts the water pressure within a community. 

Size and Capacity

When choosing a water storage tower, consider the expected usage and storage capacity of the tank.

Design and Construction

To determine the correct design and materials for a water tank, engineers must consider the intended use, water quality, pressure requirements, and environmental impact.