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What Is Borehole Casing and Why Is It Important?

Regardless of the construction method, Borehole Casings and screens have some common requirements. Strength must be adequate to withstand not only the stresses of installation but also other forces which may be applied during well completion, development and use. The forces of installation which tend to pull the Borehole Casing and Screen apart must be […]

Types Of Irrigation Systems in kenya

Irrigation is essential to support agricultural crop growth. Relying on rain is not practical, especially in Kenya where rainfall can be both unreliable and insufficient. However, overwatering can be just as detrimental to crop growth, so choosing the right irrigation system is one of the most important steps in setting up a successful farming operation. […]

borehole drilling services Kenya

borehole drilling services Kenya

borehole drilling services Kenya borehole drilling services Kenya and hydrogeological survey Pump installation services We offer quality hydrogeological services borehole drilling installation and Borehole commissioning works Borehole Rehabilitation our rates for survey price quoted for hydrogeological survey permits fee excluded we harvest solar energy to cut High electricity bills monthly Are you looking for the […]

Borehole Equipping in kenya

Borehole Equipping is the most important stage in the borehole drilling process.In waterlink Drilling we have a team of professionals who have equipped hundreds of boreholes across Kenya. The borehole equipping consists of; pump installation with its accessories like control panel, submersible and underground cables, galvanized pipes and main to the tank. We also elevated […]


COST OF DRILLING BOREHOLE IN KENYA The cost of drilling a borehole in Kenya depends on many factors among them the geographical location. The main factor in determining the cost drilling the borehole is the depth (how deep does it have to be). It also depends on the equipping needs. There are many variable cost. […]


THE COST OF A BOREHOLE in kenya A common question that we are asked is “How much does a borehole cost?” While this might seem like a straightforward question to ask, the answer certainly isn’t. It is the equivalent of asking how much a car costs. The answer is dependent on various factors. What kind […]


HOW TO CHOOSE A REPUTABLE DRILLING COMPANY When choosing a reputable drilling company, there are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind. When partnering with a legitimate borehole drilling company, you can look forward to excellent service and value for money, and enjoying great returns on your investment for years to come. […]


BOREHOLE MAINTENANCE AND REHABILITATION in kenya Borehole and pump maintenance is important to adhere to in order to ensure the best returns on your investment. Quality constructed private water supply systems require routine maintenance. With regular borehole maintenance check-ups you can not only extend the working life of the borehole but also maintain its efficiency […]


SUBMERSIBLE PUMP AND TANK INSTALLATIONS The supply, installation and commissioning of a pump system depends largely on the depth of the borehole, piping and the amount of water to be pumped into the pressure requirements of the system. The borehole submersible pump will pump into a pressure tank linked to the main water supply of […]

Process Of Drilling Boreholes in kenya

4 Steps In The Process Of Drilling Boreholes Dams are at all-time lows; municipal water costs are rising and people are getting angry. There has never been a better time to examine alternative water sources than right now. Drilling a borehole and becoming self-sustainable might be an option worth considering. Here’s what you need to […]

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