Steel towers

waterlink are either of square or rectangular profile, using mass-produced pressed steel panels bolted together to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. This is a simple and transportable solution to the problem of bulk storage. They can be extended, reduced in size or can have an internal partition for periodic cleaning of each compartment, or alternatively, store the liquid for different applications. They can be also dismantled, transported and re-erected elsewhere if necessary. Erection teams are available to assemble the tanks either on towers, rooftops, dwarf walls or concrete foundations

When self-assembly is required installation manuals and drawings are provided to the client.

Modular bolted construction provides:

  • Infinite range of sizes and configurations.
  • Excellent flexibility to adapt as storage requirements change.
  • Ability to be installed in areas with restricted access.
  • Quick and simple assembly using hand tools.
  • Highly economical transportation.

Hot pressing of tank plates using matched tools ensures:

  • Close control over quality of product.
  • Consistency of tank plate size.
  • No requirement for welding corners of plates.
  • No distortion as heat treatment dissipates stress.

All steel construction provides:

  • Inherent strength and durability of the raw material.
  • High resistance to damage during transit and assembly.
  • Excellent substrate for a wide range of protective finishes.
  • Long term life expectancy.