Solar Panels

Everywhere you look, Solar Panels are gaining popularity. This is especially true in kenya.
Thanks to our naturally sunny weather, it’s no wonder why more and more people make the investment. In addition to the affordability factor and the big drop in prices, there is also the matter of saving loads of money energy-wise.

Apart from providing kenya with the best possible Solar Panels the market has to offer, we also pride ourselves on keeping people informed.

Solar panels are not limited to specific materials, sizes or shapes. And different manufacturers use different approaches in their quest to balance quality with affordability.

The brands featured in our store are well-known and respected. Names like CINCO, JA Solar, and Canadian Solar are associated with high efficiency and quality materials with every panel that is produced, you can read about the popular brands here.
Here are the main types of panels you get:

Monocrystalline Panels

These have a single crystal structure.
Out of the two varieties we have, they are the oldest technology but are the most efficient.

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Polycrystalline Panels

These have newer technology. The silicon panels have a less uniform appearance due to the silicone cooling unevenly, they are the most cost-effective of the two.