borehole drilling

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The supply, installation and commissioning of a pump system depends largely on the depth of the borehole, piping and the amount of water to be pumped into the pressure requirements of the system. The borehole submersible pump will pump into a pressure tank linked to the main water supply of the borehole submersible pump, then pump out the tank using a pressure pump to the home.

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A variety of borehole drilling methods are used to assess the geophysical property of the underlying area for the drilling of boreholes in private and public sectors. The type of ground and geology of the site will determine depth of the borehole, because ground water flows differently at different locations. The purpose for drilling the borehole will also affect the water quality needed and processes used to sink the borehole successfully.

Borehole maintenance


Borehole and pump maintenance is important to adhere to in order to ensure the best returns on your investment. Quality constructed private water supply systems require routine maintenance. With regular borehole maintenance check-ups you can not only extend the working life of the borehole but also maintain its efficiency and borehole yield.

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