We have developed reputation in the water drilling industry by providing efficient services, quality products to their clients, customers and communities. The company is equipped with minimum adequate inventory level with appropriate spare parts to serve the customer in case of urgency & emergencies.

WATERLINK…, is one of the leading drilling contractors in Kenya & Southern Sudan to have long term contracts with NGO’s, UN, World Bank, Government, Para state Organizations and Church Organizations in Kenya & South Sudan. We work for Long hours with our efficient and hard working staff to complete the given borehole drilling Contracts and by our continuous commitment to quality, safety and performance. This standard applies to any work or projects which we undertake.

WATERLINK…, equipped with most modern and technically advanced fleet of drilling rigs with high efficiency Drilling tools and techniques in Kenya & South Sudan, carrying out some of the most technically difficult drilling projects in the industry today. We can meet your objectives and exceed your expectations in every facet of your drilling requirements.

WATERLINK, have the capacity and expertise to drill 6 to 12 inch diameter rotary/DTH / MUD Drilling boreholes upto depths of 350 meters in all terrain all-wheel-drive vehicles can get our equipment to the most difficult and remote sites to carry out drilling projects.


WATERLINK…, has an experienced team of drillers, whose skills and knowledge ensure safe efficient and productive field operations. Our drillers are highly trained individuals who have a combined drilling experience in all types of soil formations under pressure and deadline to meet.

WATERLINK…, Gives commitment to his work with most efficient, hardworking team / staff and our goal is to satisfy our esteemed customer. At the same time we are committed to contribute to the “Community Growth” to give potable & safe drinking water to the world giving meaning to “Water is Life” for survival.