MPPT controller:


Specification of MPPT controller:

(1) Waterproof grade: IP65

(2) VOC range:
24V controller: 18V-50V;
36V controller: 30V-96V;
48V controller: 30V-96V;
72V controller: 50V-150V;
96V controller: 60V-180V;
110V controller: 60V-180V
(3) Ambient temperature: -15°C~60°C
(4) Max. input current: 15A
(5) MPPT function, the solar power utilization rate is higher.
(6) Automatic charging function: Guarantee the pump normally working, meanwhile charge the battery; And when there is no sunshine, the battery can make the pump continuously working.
(7) LED displays the power, voltage, current, speed etc working condition.
(8) Frequency conversion function: It can automatically run with frequency conversion according to the solar power, and user also can change the speed of pump manually.
(9) Automatically start and stop working.
(10) Water proof and leak-proof: Double seal effect.
(11) Soft start: No impulse current, protect the pump motor.
(12) High voltage/Low voltage/Over-current/High temperature protection


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