Some of the relevant works executed in the last 10 years

Client name Address Type of work Contract value Year
Wilson K. Maina 2889, Nakuru Borehole Drilling & equipment in Rongai, Nakuru 1,647,000 2001/2002
Stephen Ndungu Box 206 Ol- Joro- Orok Dam construction 900,000 2002
Clr. Simuitei       Box 419 Kajiado Borehole Drilling 100 metres 700,000 2003/4
Ministry of Water Box 110 Moyale Supply & Installation of Booster pump 40HP        333,000 2004
Peter Mugambi 21973, NBI Borehole Drilling (Bahati) Nakuru 800,000 2004
Save the children (UK)4   Borehole Drilling and pump installation  South Sudan    12,210,000              2003- 2006
Cordaid (Netherlands) 164402500 BK The Hague                          Borehole drilling and pump installation in south Sudan 7,000,000            2005-2006
CDF project Bungoma District water Officer, 634, Bungoma              Borehole drilling in Bungoma 2NO 1,200,000 Nov 2006
Save the children  (UK)   48700, NBI           Borehole Drilling South Sudan    15,000,000 Jan-June ‘07

CONTD …Clients

District water Office Bungoma       District water  Officer, 634, Bungoma            Borehole drilling in Bungoma 12NO   10,000,000 April-Aug ‘07
Khetia Drapers 668 Kitale           Borehole drilling in Kitale 3No. 2, 000, 000 Oct-Nov ‘07
China Wu Yi               Isiolo                 Drilling and pump installation 6 boreholes         8,200,000           October 2008
Cordaid /Kenmas (Netherlands) 164402500                 South Sudan   Borehole drilling  and pump installation           26,000,000            2008-2009
Kathiani CDF   Drilling  boreholes            5,500,000      2010
Northern Water Services Board          P.O Box 495- 70100 Drilling 12 boreholes 12,500,000 2011-2012
  Hon J.M Waiganjo 0722303779 Drilling and pump installation at Kamulu 1,200,000 2013
Mwangi Gatundu 0722665497 Drilling and pump installation at Makadara 2,890,000 Jan 2014
Hon George Nyanja Private Pump installation at Ndeiya 1,420,000 May 2014

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