clean water pump

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ISWHorizontal clean water pump; Cast iron;
Transporting clean water into the house other chemicals similar to clean water;
Using temperature T ≤ 80 °C.
ISWRHorizontal hot water pump; Cast iron;
Used in metallurgical, chemical, textile, and hotel hotels, such as boiler hot water pressurized circulation and urban heating system;
T ≤ 120 °C.
ISWHHorizontal chemical pump (notes for 304 316 sealer) does not contain solid particles, is corrosive, and has a viscosity similar to water.
Use temperature -20 ~ 120 °C.
ISWBHorizontal pipeline oil pump (explosion-proof copper wheel seal);
Oil products such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil or flammable and explosive liquid;
The use temperature is -20 °C ~ 120 °C.
ISWDHorizontal low-speed centrifugal pump; 1450 r / min;
Suitable for occasions with low ambient noise and air conditioning cycle.
Use temperature T ≤ 120 °C.
Flow, Head, Power RangeQ: 2.8 m³/h – 1450 m³/h ; H: 7m- 160m ;
N: 0.75kw – 250 kw
Speed2980 r/min ; 1450r/min ; 980 r/min