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borehole pumps in kenya

waterlink Submersible pumps are made, as their name implies, to be submersed within a tank, well, or other container. These pumps are designed to make them suitable for immersion. The motors of submersible pumps are encased in oil-filled compartments that do not have contact with the substance they are pumping. They have the advantage of […]

borehole pumps in kenya

Borehole Pumps in kenya We offer the widest range of pumps at the lowest market price. Effluent & Sewage. Water Features. Solar. Borehole. Irrigation. Water Treatment. Mining & Dewatering. Industrial. Mining Process & Slurry. Pressure Boosting. Brands: Blagdon, Sandpiper, Versa-Matic, Vega.

Submersible Pump 1HP Kit

Description Submersible Pump 1HP Kit Model ML12 submersible pump Kit .85 gpm at 10ft head feet.115volt 11 amps 33 lbs. Kit contains pump, rope, storage case and 25′ discharge hose with quick disconnect on both endsDesign Advantages of Submersible Dewatering pump: Stainless steel outer casing. Double mechanical seals run in a separate oil filled compartment. […]

waterlink Drilling

SERVICES OFFERED BY WATERLINK DRILLING waterlink Drilling has expertise in the following areas: Air-flush coring. Reverse circulation exploration drilling. Exploration diamond core-drilling (all standard sizes) to depths of 1 200m. Water-well (borehole) drilling using air percussion or mud rotary. Additional water supply functions: Construction of water wells including installation of casing and gravel pack. Water […]


COST OF DRILLING BOREHOLE IN KENYA The cost of drilling a borehole in Kenya depends on many factors among them the geographical location. The main factor in determining the cost drilling the borehole is the depth (how deep does it have to be). It also depends on the equipping needs. There are many variable cost. […]


THE COST OF A BOREHOLE in kenya A common question that we are asked is “How much does a borehole cost?” While this might seem like a straightforward question to ask, the answer certainly isn’t. It is the equivalent of asking how much a car costs. The answer is dependent on various factors. What kind […]

Borehole irrigation systems kenya

Borehole irrigation systems kenya We will make contact on your behalf to our service providers and get borehole maintenance to contact you directly. Why choose us? We service for the whole of the kenyan region, meaning our service providers deal with any and all types of jobs, and everything in between. They will offer you […]


HOW TO CHOOSE A REPUTABLE DRILLING COMPANY When choosing a reputable drilling company, there are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind. When partnering with a legitimate borehole drilling company, you can look forward to excellent service and value for money, and enjoying great returns on your investment for years to come. […]


BOREHOLE MAINTENANCE AND REHABILITATION in kenya Borehole and pump maintenance is important to adhere to in order to ensure the best returns on your investment. Quality constructed private water supply systems require routine maintenance. With regular borehole maintenance check-ups you can not only extend the working life of the borehole but also maintain its efficiency […]