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Borehole Irrigation Solar Pump In Nairobi

550 watts submersible solar pump It can pump water up to a height of 80m The rate of flow of water is 1.2m^3 per hour It can fill a 1000 litres tank in 1 hour Ideal for borehole and irrigation pumping Recommended 4 pieces of 200W solar panels Uses volumetric piston pumping mechanism Installation services […]


PUMP INSTALLATION & REPAIR IN KENYA Once your residential, commercial or industrial borehole has been drilled (or for an existing borehole), waterlink limited kenya. will install the water pump best suited for your needs. If your existing pump needs repair, our skilled professionals will quickly identify your problem and recommend a cost-effective solution. NEW PUMP […]

Borehole Drilling in kenya

Borehole Drilling in kenya Borehole Drilling is drilling in kenya primarily for sourcing water. With the unreliability of county water and the high costs of water deliveries, boreholes are the best option for sustainable water. We have the versatility of having both truck driven and tractor driven rigs for accessibility into most areas. Our rigs […]

borehole Pump Installations in kenya

borehole Pump Installations in kenya There are so many variables and ideas of what’s acceptable and what’s not in Pump Installations that it’s impossible to cover everything. Only entertain reputable installers who offer good backup services, use good quality pumps and come with a good reputation as there are so many hit and run installers […]

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