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Waterlink Limited is one of the leading borehole drilling in Kenya. We provide a world-class borehole drilling service to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets by utilizing the latest borehole drilling technology and machinery. We do Symmetric Drilling, Core Drilling and Geo-technical Drilling. We have drilled hundreds of boreholes across the country and East African region as a whole. We install submersible electric pumps, solar pumps and hand pumps, erection of steel tanks&towers as well as comprehensive maintenance and service on existing boreholes.The cost of the submersible pump system and electrical controls depends on the borehole depth, flow and pressure requirements and how far water has to travel to reach the property.

Waterlink delivers borehole drilling in Kenya, Geological surveys, solar etc. 10+ Years Of Experience. View Portfolio. Get A Quote. Open Monday To Saturday. View Services.Our aim is to provide quality, clean water and boreholes that can be well maintained and long lasting.

borehole drilling in kenya WATERLINK LTD Capital has developed a reputation for providing the highest standards of quality and has extended borehole drilling and borehole pumps installations in Nairobi kenya. As a leading borehole drilling Company  we have become the best in the whole professional borehole drilling ensuring high and best service delivery in time.

we offer borehole maintenance services and we are always available on a call.

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The company has established an exceptional reputation as a provider of quality service with international recognition.All our works meet local and international standards.We seek to become the borehole driller of choice for the customer who demands a professional staff at their service. waterlink limited conducts Geo-Physical and Hydro-Geological survey to locate a feasible point for drilling borehole and has proven track record.Our main objective is to deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money. We assure you cost effective services round the clock in and around kenya, Uganda and South sudan.

Borehole drilling in kenya

waterlink offers the best borehole drilling services in kenya and the entire East Africa.we we have gained a good reputation of timely project delivery

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 we offer  a wide range of submersible borehole pumps which can be suitable for installation in wells. Borehole pumps in kenya.

Hydrogeological survey in kenya

Surveys and GF6 equipment sales, training & support available worldwide. Geophysical GF6 exploration surveys available worldwide. Residential, commercial & AG. Locate WELL water depth. Geo instrument supplier. Well Drilling services. Book a Groundwater Survey.

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