We Offer Investigation of hydrogeological conditions of the site; Hydrogeological parameter determination of wells and aquifers; Interaction analyses between aquifers and surface waters; Groundwater quality assessment; Drinking water resource evaluation; Well head protection area determination; Water supply well passport preparation; Groundwater contamination evaluation; Hydrogeological map and cross section preparation; Hydrogeological modeling.Before borehole drilling it’s very important to conduct a Hydro-geological Survey in your proposed site. Generally groundwater is unequally distributed waterlink Limited ascertains suitable sites for exploration of significant quantities of groundwater before carrying out any drilling exercise.


This ensures the best spot is selected according to the geological data and our clients’ farm plan. We use a combination of geophysical methods to assist in the assessment of geological sub-surface conditions; mostly we use the resistivity method, vertical electrical sounding (V.E.S) and horizontal electrical profiling (H.E.P).


The hydro-geological data, maps, graphs and cross-section profiles obtained from the hydro-geological survey are used in determination of important information such as ; ground water condition, estimation of drilling depth, Identification of stress areas Our Hydro-Geological Surveys Include The Following:-

  • Site reconnaissance and site mapping
  • Drilling of Trial Pits
  • Geophysical studies and field tests
  • Determination Water consistence and Water flow
  • Hydro-dynamic

We ensure a permit from water resource management authority (WRMA) is issued to our client after geological survey report submission. WRMA permit is a requirement before borehole drilling. Need Borehole drilling Services or Geological survey done? Call us today we have highly qualified expertise in ground water surveys with the right skills and field equipment eBefore drilling for a borehole it is important and advisable to get a professional Hydro geological Surveyor to ensure that the quantity and quality of water required is present on your specified ground.


We at waterlink Limited co-hosts certified geophysicists and hydro geologists  provide land-surveying services to the drilling world to ensure that borehole are drilled in the right places.


Save time and cost before drilling on the wrong places by getting qualified hydrogeological surveyors who will determine with expertise whether your land is good for drilling.


Contact us and will be glad to commission a survey for your land borehole