Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

We provide borehole drilling services tailor-made to the unique requirements of each client.
We have wealth of experience in drilling boreholes. Our aim is to provide quality, clean water and boreholes that can be well maintained and long lasting.

Borehole Drilling And Pump Installation

Borehole Drilling and pump installation at the comfort of your chair. Give us a call for Geological survey, Pump testing, Borehole servicing.

Borehole Drilling And Equipping Contractors

Ground water hydro-geological surveys, new borehole and well drilling, construction of ground tanks – Masonry/Steel and Borehole/Well Rehabilitation which include cleaning, fishing of pump/tools from boreholes, Re-test pumping, Repair/Replacement of submersible pumps, hand pumps and accessories as well as Replacement of raiser pipes.
Drilling price varies with location.
Price 5500/= per metre to 10,000/= per metre.

Borehole Drilling in Ruiru Kiambu

Contact us for borehole drilling services, hydrogeological survey and pump installation

Borehole Drilling Services Across the Country

Procedure of significant quantities of groundwater before carrying out any drilling exercise.
Environmental impact assesment(eia):- is a requirement by nema before drilling a borehole in kenya and other construction works. Maxlink borehole & engineering co usually does eia field questionnaire during geological survey for borehole works and then follows the reporting.
Actual borehole drilling:-this is the actual drilling which follows the recommendations from hydrogeological report and mostly involves mobilization of the rig to the site and drilling to the required until water is struck then install casings (pvc or steel) and ensure a borehole cap is well placed after casings.
Pump installations:- this step involves the selection of the right submersible pump and motor, the sizes of a pump depends on some parameters such as the depth of the borehole, the amount of water struck, client’s water requirement and also the budget.

Borehole Drilling Hydrogeological Survey

We offer professional services on borehole drilling & hydrogeological survey

Borehole Drilling and Equipping Services

Borehole drilling, equipping as well as associated Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) works.
We have
1. Truck-mounted hydraulic rig for deep boreholes, beyond 60m and mud-drilling. Crawler for air-drilling
2. Pat machine for medium boreholes, upto 60m
3. Mechanical rigs for shallow/domestic boreholes, upto 30m
We drill with integrity involving the client through the whole process. Intergity is KEY in the borehole drilling business

Complete borehole drilling at affordable cost.We offer you the following borehole services.
*hydrological survey
*Drilling and construction of the borehole
*supply of pump
*Installation of pump
We also offer services in the following:-
Water treatment
Borehole maintainance and contract renewable yearly
Pump sale and servicing