Complete borehole drilling in kenya at affordable cost.We offer you the following borehole services.
*hydrological survey
*Drilling and construction of the borehole
*supply of pump
*Installation of pump
*Plumbing services.
*Pump testing

With water charges rising, households, businesses and industries are facing an ongoing hike in water costs.

For people whose livelihoods depend on an affordable water supply, it’s just a hike too much, but Water Pump Group offers a worthwhile alternative – bring underground water to the surface.

Hydrogeological Survey Borehole Drilling in Nairobi Kenya

We lead in drilling industry. borehole survey, drilling, pump testing, pump installation, pump lifting, warma approval and eia nema approval at the best rates in kenya.

Many people with access to the main supply are worried about the impact on health of water additives, such as fluoride and chlorine, and prefer to use borehole water that is not processed for public supply.

Other borehole drilling services include:

  • Borehole rehabilitation
  • Borehole hydrology reports
  • pump installation
  • Test pumping reports
  • Borehole solarization
  • Borehole rehabilitation
  • Water kiosk and commissioning works

Waterlink limited is environmentally sensitive and we are constantly upgrading resources and working practices to enable us to operate with minimal environmental impact in sensitive locations. During drilling operations, we take precautions to ensure that the underground store of water does not become polluted.

We provide machine based water drilling services which includes drilling works,casing,installation of submasive pump and plumbing works on prices are pocket friendly and shorter completion period.i also clean clogged/existing boreholes,increasing depth and reinstallation of pumps and servicing.





Borehole Drilling
After the water survey has taken place, the borehole drilling can proceed at the identified spot.

Once the borehole drilling commences, communication with the client is clear and persists at all time. This way the client is updated in terms of the depth of drilling, costs involved and general geological findings.

Equipping of the borehole
Upon completion of the borehole, the pump installation can be planned.
General factors influencing the size of the pump to be installed will be the following:


  • The clients’ water demand.
  • The depth of the hole.
  • Actual water yield of the borehole

Depending on the geological formation, there should be a borehole rest period before the pump can be installed. The drilling contractor will advise the client accordingly.




Borehole Repairs in Kenya 
Borehole Repairs in Kenya 

Our sales and marketing consultants are professional and willing to explain the cost of the borehole and break the cost down to enable you to understand the final quote, our prices are highly competitive in the market. Our team is well qualified in executing the job with diligence and in a timely manner. We strive to ensure we exceed your expectations and leave you with quality that you and your family can depend on for generations to come.

We offer services in borehole drilling in kenya . we have our own equipment and services for hydrogeological survey, nema approval and metering. we offer our services as a package in and around nairobi county.

Hydro geological survey -ksh.50,000/- .this will give you drilling depth, soil formation, expected water yield & quality.
💧environmental impact assessments (eia) – ksh.50,000/-. this will give you nema permit, wrma and wrua.the above fees are also inclusive of the site visit facilitation, government fees, report writing and submission.
💧borehole drilling charges range between ksh.5,500 per meter to ksh.6,500 per meter.the price covers drilling, casings and test pumping.
kindly state your location and i will let you know the price per meter.

Borehole Drilling Nairobi

Complete borehole drilling at affordable cost. We offer you the following borehole services.
*hydrological survey
*Drilling and construction of the borehole
*supply of pump
*Installation of pump
We also offer services in the following:-
Water treatment
Borehole maintenance and contract renewable yearly
Pump sale and servicing

Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

We provide borehole drilling services tailor-made to the unique requirements of each client.
We have wealth of experience in drilling boreholes. Our aim is to provide quality, clean water and boreholes that can be well maintained and long lasting.

Borehole Drilling in kenya And Pump Installation

Borehole Drilling kenya and pump installation at the comfort of your chair. Give us a call for Geological survey, Pump testing, Borehole servicing.

Ground water hydro-geological surveys, new borehole and well drilling, construction of ground tanks – Masonry/Steel and Borehole/Well Rehabilitation which include cleaning, fishing of pump/tools from boreholes, Re-test pumping, Repair/Replacement of submersible pumps, hand pumps and accessories as well as Replacement of raiser pipes.
Drilling price varies with location.
Price 5500/= per metre to 10,000/= per metre.

Procedure of significant quantities of groundwater before carrying out any drilling exercise.
Environmental impact assesment(eia):- is a requirement by nema before drilling a borehole in kenya and other construction works. Waterlink usually does eia field questionnaire during geological survey for borehole works and then follows the reporting.
Actual borehole drilling:-this is the actual drilling which follows the recommendations from hydrogeological report and mostly involves mobilization of the rig to the site and drilling to the required until water is struck then install casings (pvc or steel) and ensure a borehole cap is well placed after casings.
Pump installations:- this step involves the selection of the right submersible pump and motor, the sizes of a pump depends on some parameters such as the depth of the borehole, the amount of water struck, client’s water requirement and also the budget.

Boreholes Pumps

So the borehole is drilled and now it’s time to install a pump contact us for our solar water pumping system.
this is a pumping system that uses solar power to pump water from your existing borehole. we stock and install the pumps at pocket friendly costs.



Borehole drilling is a process that begins with the Hydro-geological survey and Environmental Impact Assessment, by professionals accredited to Water Resources  Authority ( WRA) and NEMA respectively for the purpose of Authorization to drill.

The former process also provides us with an estimated drilling depth which forms the bases of the Costing, as the total cost is dependent on the final depth.

For budgetary purposes however;

 The Hydro-geological survey will cost Ksh 45,000 plus Ksh 7000 for the Authorization to drill permit from WRA application and subsequently  Ksh 40,000 for NEMA. The actual drilling will cost at an average of Ksh7000 per metre Including test pumping and Lab water analysis.

From experience, depths will range approximately 200 metres in your location(meaning drilling alone will average of Ksh 1.4 million
A hydro-geological survey is thus paramount for us to have a closer estimate of the depth. This can be undertaken as soon as you are ready.

NOTE You will finally need an electric pump whose cost   will only be determined after the drilling and testing the yield capacity of your borehole though Ksh 450,000  is a good estimate

We hope this gives you an insight of the process and the requirements, including cost estimates.

We will undertake all the applications and follow up the issuance of the licenses after you commit us for the drilling work upon receipt of our quotation.