borehole drilling nairobi kenya

borehole pumping in kenya borehole drilling nairobi kenya Model Voltage(v) Power(kw) Rated flow(m³/h) Rated head(m) Max. flow(m³/h) Max. Head(m) Diameter of outlet external diameter(mm) 2T 100QJD2-35-0.37 220 0.37 2 35 4 45 1inch 100 100QJD2-45-0.55 220 0.55 2 45 4 59 1inch 100 100QJD2-60-0.75 220/380 0.75 2 60 4 78 1inch 100 100QJD2-82-1.1 220/380 1.1 […]

Multistage submersible water pumps kenya

Operating conditions: -Liquid temperature up to 35oC -Submersion depth 40m -Minimum internal diameter of well: 75mm. -Continuous duty. Motor: -Tow-pole induction motor (n=2850r.p.m) –Built-in over load motor protector –Insulation Class B/F -Protection IPX8 Application: –Multistage submersible water pumps with radial closed impeller conceived in order to solve any problem of clean water conveyance. –Suitable for irrigation, […]

borehole pumps in Kenya

borehole pumps in Kenya Model Flow(m3/h) Head(m) Voltage(v) Power(w) Pump Dia(inch) Out Dia(inch) 3FLS1.0/30-D24/80(C) 1 30 24 80 3 1 3FLS1.3/50-D24/140(C) 1.3 50 24 140 3 1 3FLS1.8/80-D24/210(C) 1.8 80 24 210 3 1 3FLS1.8/100-D24/270(C) 1.8 100 24 270 3 1 3FLS1.8/120-D48/500(C) 1.8 120 48 500 3 1 3FLS2.3/140-D48/750(C) 2.3 140 48 750 3 1 […]

pump,Low cost ,easy installation and maintenance,etc.

pump,Low cost ,easy installation and maintenance,etc. The control shows the over-voltage,over-current ,water shortage,under-voltage pressure level,the MPPT maxium power point tracking.And automatic protection.Motor soft start. Screw stainless steel impeller in the pump,Low cost ,easy installation and maintenance,etc.

submersible water pump

Testing: We test each submersible water pump before delivery, such as dynamic and static balance testing, material analysis testing, casting testing, and submersible pump submerged in water for 48 hours to test leaking or not. Also we could send testing video, testing pictures, testing report, etc.

solar panel in kenya

The Finished Products include:1. Solar pump with 3m cable, longer cable is available if required2. MPPT Controller3. Water level sensor or float switch:10meter cable, longer cable is available4. Cable for solar panel: 6m, longer cable is available5. Cable connector6. Solar panels are option7. Rope to hang the pump8. Installation Manual 

submersible solar powered borehole water pump

Packages Declaration: 1. All of our submersible solar powered borehole water pump are packed by the standards cartons complied with the exportation requirement; 2. the cartons more than 50 pcs of submersible solar powered borehole water pump can also packed by wooden pallet; We have desinged the top-grade quality pump and keep upgrade our product […]

Solar Pumping System in nairobi

Solar Pumping System in nairobi waterlink offer practical, professional and affrodable solar powered water pumping system to residential and commercial application.waterlink solar pumping system mainly consists of solar panels, the specialized pump inverter and water pump.