Drilling Company in kenya

The Right Drilling Company in kenya waterlink offers an unprecedented service in Borehole drilling through most of kenya and has the ability to carry out contracts in most locations where rotary air percussion drilling is suited. The machinery waterlink has at its disposal is new generation, well maintained and able to drill to considerable depth. […]

Borehole Equipping in kenya

Borehole Equipping is the most important stage in the borehole drilling process.In waterlink Drilling we have a team of professionals who have equipped hundreds of boreholes across Kenya. The borehole equipping consists of; pump installation with its accessories like control panel, submersible and underground cables, galvanized pipes and main to the tank. We also elevated […]


COST OF DRILLING BOREHOLE IN KENYA The cost of drilling a borehole in Kenya depends on many factors among them the geographical location. The main factor in determining the cost drilling the borehole is the depth (how deep does it have to be). It also depends on the equipping needs. There are many variable cost. […]


THE COST OF A BOREHOLE in kenya A common question that we are asked is “How much does a borehole cost?” While this might seem like a straightforward question to ask, the answer certainly isn’t. It is the equivalent of asking how much a car costs. The answer is dependent on various factors. What kind […]

Borehole irrigation systems kenya

Borehole irrigation systems kenya We will make contact on your behalf to our service providers and get borehole maintenance to contact you directly. Why choose us? We service for the whole of the kenyan region, meaning our service providers deal with any and all types of jobs, and everything in between. They will offer you […]