waterlink Drilling

SERVICES OFFERED BY WATERLINK DRILLING waterlink Drilling has expertise in the following areas: Air-flush coring. Reverse circulation exploration drilling. Exploration diamond core-drilling (all standard sizes) to depths of 1 200m. Water-well (borehole) drilling using air percussion or mud rotary. Additional water supply functions: Construction of water wells including installation of casing and gravel pack. Water […]

Borehole Drilling in kenya

Borehole Drilling in kenya Borehole Drilling is drilling in kenya primarily for sourcing water. With the unreliability of county water and the high costs of water deliveries, boreholes are the best option for sustainable water. We have the versatility of having both truck driven and tractor driven rigs for accessibility into most areas. Our rigs […]

borehole Pump Installations in kenya

borehole Pump Installations in kenya There are so many variables and ideas of what’s acceptable and what’s not in Pump Installations that it’s impossible to cover everything. Only entertain reputable installers who offer good backup services, use good quality pumps and come with a good reputation as there are so many hit and run installers […]

Drilling Company in kenya

The Right Drilling Company in kenya waterlink offers an unprecedented service in Borehole drilling through most of kenya and has the ability to carry out contracts in most locations where rotary air percussion drilling is suited. The machinery waterlink has at its disposal is new generation, well maintained and able to drill to considerable depth. […]