PV Mounting System kenya

PV Mounting System kenya Mounting Rail & Rail Splice Kit: AI6005 & SUS304 Bolt.Mid & End Clamps: 35,40,45,50mmL Foot Asphalt Shingle Moount & Hanger Bolt OptionalCable Clip & Tie OptionalGround Clip & Lugs Optional

Mono Solar Panels in kenya

Mono Solar Panels in kenya Peak Power Watts: 280W (SP280M-60), Poly Optional.Maximum Power Voltage: 31.8VMaximum Power Current: 8.81AOpen Circuit Voltage: 38.8VShort Circuit Current: 9.33ADimensions:1650×992×35 mm (65.0×39.1×1.38 inches)Weight:18.6 kg (41.0 lb)

electric pumps in kenya

waterlink limited has been operating in the electric pumps in kenya industry for more than twenty years. It is a company that is committed to study, to develop, to manufacture and to industrialize pumping systems. We offer to the customers a big and specific range of pumps for a large variety of uses: domestic applications, […]


Solar Water Pumps in kenyaSOLAR WATER PUMPING SYSTEM (SUBMERSIBLE / SURFACE PUMP) Globally electricity prices are rising due to rise in fuel prices and the prices are bound to rise further. In addition we are facing acute power shortage and are not able to supply electricity for agricultural purposes.

top Tanks in kenya

Solar only produces water when it is sunny or bright. To match supply to demand, it is usual to add water tanks. The top tank is used to gravity feed water to the school and the bottom tank supplies water to the community taps. If both tanks are empty, it will take about 1 day […]


THE COST OF A BOREHOLE DRILLING IN KENYA A common question that we receive at waterlink is “How much does a borehole cost?” It is not a straightforward question to answer. It is the same as asking how much does a car costs.The answer is dependent on various factors. There is not a straight forward […]

borehole maintenance Companies in Kenya

borehole maintenance Companies in Kenya Boreholes Rehabilitation: borehole maintenance Companies in Kenya Boreholes Rehabilitation: We are one of the top borehole maintenance Companies in Kenya . waterlink drilling company ltd – is also a leader in water drilling and pump installation. This project is surely cumbersome and requires lots of experience and skill to perform.

borehole pumps in kenya

Surveying/site inspections(Geophysical studies) ∗ Water testing. ∗ Water Borehole Drilling. ∗ Flushing and Maintenance of exiting boreholes. ∗ Installation and Supply of submersible pumps and Indian Mark ii hand pump. ∗ We also supply solar powered pumps to support the global green energy campaign. ∗ Educator programs for communities ‘water facilities management. ∗ Consultancy services […]