Bore Hole Drilling

Bore Hole Drilling

Borehole Drilling is drilling primarily for sourcing water. With the unreliability of municipal water and the high costs of water deliveries, boreholes are the best option for sustainable water. We have the versatility of having both truck driven and tractor driven rigs for accessibility into most areas. Our rigs can drill to a depth of 500m and we case with either 177mm casing to the hard rock unless specified by customer, depending on the formation of the ground.

Boreholes can be equipped with either submersible pumps (electric or solar) or with bush pumps (manual). Our drilling is done throughout Botswana for individuals, corporates, churches, schools and NGOs.

Borehole Cleanouts : Flushing / cleanout of existing boreholes and recasing if necessary.

Submersible Pumps: We supply and install submersible pumps.

Bush Pumps: We supply and install “B” type bush pumps. Includes top steel casing, bush pump type B (complete) , concrete apron and soak-away.

Our Fleet:

Borehole Rigs
Complementing our drill rigs is a fleet of service vehicles as follows:
• 4 x 4 pickups
• Heavy vehicles/ trucks
• Lowbed
• Fuel Bowers
• Water Bowers