Booster pumps are generally installed in 2 situations​

  1. When water is stored in water tank and a tank stand cannot or will not be used to feed water into the building. If you simply place your water tank next to your building, water will not flow from your tank into your taps and sinks. That’s where booster pumps and tank stands come in.
  2. When you simply want to supply your home or office with more pressurised water.  The water pressure supplied by a booster pump is more than the water pressure supplied by a tank stand.
The installation package

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For most small homes and offices, the booster pumps we install range in size or power from 0.25HP to 2HP. The standard installation package we offer includes a 1HP which is appropriate for most households. When necessary, we will recommend that you opt for a smaller pump or bigger pump. The following are also included:

  • all plumbing material to connect the pump to the water tank
  • all plumbing material to connect to your home or office taps and sinks
  • sensors that protect your pump by automatically switching it off when water in your water tank is too low
  • sensors that regulate the pump for you so it automatically switches on when taps are opened and off when all taps are closed
  • an anti-theft cage to protect the pump
  • all electrical parts to connect the pump to your mains electricity power, generator or solar inverter
  • all electrical and plumbing labour
Convenient hustle-free buying process
  • No hidden costs – the amount on the quotation is all you will pay, no extra amounts will be requested.
  • You can request and receive quotes from the comfort of your home or office. We are available online and send out quotes via Whatsapp and Email.
  • You can request that one of our welders come to your property to take measurements or assess for a custom quote (site visits are FREE within Harare)
  • There are multiple payment options you can take advantage of.  You can visit our office for payment or request that we come collect payment or bring a swipe machine. You can also process transfers remotely.
  • When you place your order you’ll receive a detailed timeline of when each stage of work will be done