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Borehole drilling cost in kenya

Borehole drilling cost in kenya

Borehole drilling cost in kenya 2021 updated

NB:the steel prices have risen contributing to rise in casing costs these are the updates drilling prices for 2021/2022 however the prices are not stable the steel prices have risen by up to 70% the highest ever seen since the inception of borehole drilling in Kenyan History.

One thing to note is that drilling costs are determined by many factors as shown below:

  • The complexity of the borehole drilling process either mud or normal
  • Depth level of the borehole
  • If its in urban or in rural setting
  • Mobilization of workers depending how far the location is from the Capital of Nairobi


The cost of drilling a borehole in Kenya  and its environs starts at Ksh 6,500 to 9,500 per meter.

i. drilling per meter in nairobi and its environs (kiambu and machakos) ksh.6,000/=
ii. drilling per meter in kitui, makueni, narok, embu, kirinyaga and central region ksh. 6,000/=
iii. drilling per meter in rift valley, nyanza, western kenya region ksh. 6,500/=
iv. drilling per meter in isiolo, marsabit, and meru region ksh. 8,000/=
phase 3- pump installation (equiping)
pump supply and installation range from approximately ksh. 250,000/= to ksh. 850,000/=. this depends on depth drilled (h) and quantity of water found in that specific borehole to be pumped (q) and power connections.
all the above charges are tentative subject to geol
-water chemical analysis
phase 4 tanks and tower construction as per client specifications… and amount of water obtained inbi cubic metres… less bigger storage (advice )
thank you for contacting us.

We are happy to partner with the Kenyan government to drill more borehole in the arid and semi arid counties in Kenya.we have started with  Rural Water Supply in Baringo County 


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