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borehole drilling makueni

borehole drilling makueni

borehole drilling makueni

Complete borehole drilling at affordable cost.

We offer you the following borehole services.
*hydrological survey
*Drilling and construction of the borehole
*supply of pump
*Installation of pump
*Plumbing services.
*Pump testing

Hydro Geological Survey And Borehole Drilling Company.

One of the kenya’s leading water borehole drilling company. with over 10 years experience,we have drilled countless water boreholes throughout kenya and have installed thousands of borehole pumps, building an excellent reputation for providing reliable, trouble-free water supplies. we specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of water boreholes.

  1. hydrogeological surveys
  2. environmental impact assessment eia
  3. mobilization and demobilization of the site and personel
    “drilling of 8″” borehole 0 – 270 metres”
    “supply and install steel plain casings 152mm dia 6”
    “supply and install steel slotted casings 152mm dia 6”
    installation of gravel pack (screen 2 – 4 mm)
    borehole development by airlifting before test pumping
    test pumping for 24hrs, draw down, yield recovery and data analysis
    supply and installation of surface casing with retreaval
    supply and installation of surface casing (to be retained)
    design and construction of well head slab
    chemical analysis of water sample

borehole drilling makueni

waterlink limited water drilling fo you
6500/= cater for all this
from mobilising machines ie.
1,prd rigs machine 25tones
2,fsr lorry which carrying drilling rods and related material plus crue
3,fh lorry carrying casings about 40pcs,30bags of gravel packing &
several crues
“after drilling we do the cleaning
then pump testing and labototary testing.
your borehole is ready to use.
try us today we guarantee results.


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