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borehole Drilling Services

borehole Drilling Services 2021

We offer;

1. Hydrogeological surveys

2. Environmental impact assessment eia

borehole Drilling Services

3. Mobilization and demobilization of the site and personel “drilling of 8″” borehole 0 – 270 metres” “supply and install steel plain casings 152mm dia 6” “supply and install steel slotted casings 152mm dia 6” installation of gravel pack (screen 2 – 4 mm) borehole development by airlifting before test pumping test pumping for 24hrs, draw down, yield recovery and data analysis supply and installation of surface casing with retreaval supply and installation of surface casing (to be retained) design and construction of well head slab chemical analysis of water sample borehole completion reports water for use in drilling and camp use


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