BOREHOLE DRILLING KENYA.What you need to know and GET ONE TODAY!!A). PHASE1. LICENCES / PERMITSBefore drilling you need a WRMA Authorization & a NEMA permit.-WRMA abstraction permit is obtained after we carry out a successful Hydro-geological & Geophysical Survey for the proposed borehole site; take the reports to WRMA for approval and issuance of the permit. Total cost is Ksh.55,000 -NEMA permit is obtained after we carry out a successful Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for the proposed site, take the reports (11 copies) to NEMA for approval. Total cost is Ksh.45,000.Some little transport charges will be added for sites that are too far from Nairobi.Days to complete and get the permits –approximately 30 days.B). PHASE 2. DRILLING. charges per metre is Ksh.6,500 in Nairobi and its environs. Drilling charges outside Nairobi will be over Ksh.6,500/- . Kindly note Drilling cost changes with site location across Kenya.Days to complete- Drills approximately 80-100metres per dayC). PHASE 3. PUMP INSTALLATIONS & other connections.This depends on amount of water (Q) to be pumped and borehole depth(H). The deeper the borehole, the bigger the pump required the more the cost and vice-versa. Total cost for pump supply, installations and other accessories ranges between Ksh 200,000 and Ksh 800,000Days to complete- approximately 7daysOther services; EIA for project such as Construction sites, Petrol stations, Plants, go-downs, residential or commercial houses etc.Water Harvesting, Dams and Water pans constructions and supervision, steel tanks and towers .We are; >EIA Lead Experts>Registered Geologist>Registered Water /Civil works contractors


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