borehole drillers in kenya

We are based on Nairobi but service the whole of Rift valley including: Kenya. Our expert team has a wealth of experience and can service any of your off-grid water needs.

Our unique borehole Drilling kenya allows us to access hard to reach areas on your property while making sure that the impact is as minimal as possible.

Borehole Drilling Process in kenya

Domestic Borehole Drilling
  1. First step is to call a water diviner to survey your property to see if you have a chance of finding water on your property
  2. We will discuss your needs and supply you with a quotation for the borehole drilling.
  3. We drill until we get to solid rock, install a steel casing to preserve the hole, and we then drill deeper. Once we find decent water, we generally go 10 m past to create a sumo.
  4. In some conditions the borehole might be unstable and we would have to install slotted PVC casing backfilled with silica filter stones.
  5. While we are drilling we will keep you updated hourly on our progress.
  6. After the rig leaves your property, cleaners will come in the next day to remove the drilling sand (a deeper clean can be quoted for at this stage).
  7. If it is a low yielding borehole we suggest doing a yield test to see if the hole is viable
  8. Pump technicians would then commence with the pump and filter installation.

Our team is familiar with varying rocks of different properties and professionally qualify to drill quality boreholes.

We have drilled a lot of boreholes for different uses.

  •  Residential Boreholes
  •  Commercial Boreholes
  •  Industrial Boreholes
  • Agriculture & Irrigation Boreholes



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