borehole pumps in kenya

waterlink Submersible pumps are made, as their name implies, to be submersed within a tank, well, or other container. These pumps are designed to make them suitable for immersion. The motors of submersible pumps are encased in oil-filled compartments that do not have contact with the substance they are pumping. They have the advantage of being essentially self-priming because they operate below the surface of the media to be pumped. Applications for submersible pumps are numerous. These pumps, in their simplest form, pump water off of the floor or from the bottom of a tank. Submersible pumps also transfer wastewater, pumping ground up solids to smaller sizes. The following submersible pumps are used in a variety of venues. There are irrigation submersible pumps, sand submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps, solar submersible pumps, 12 volt submersible pumps, and water submersible pumps.


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