Boreholes & borehole pumps are becoming more and more popular in KENYA for

  1. farms, plots and stands in development areas which are not connected to council water
  2. neighbourhoods where water supply is erratic or unreliable
  3. families and businesses who want to have a self-reliant water supply

When we’ve installed borehole pumps for domestic use they’ve ranged from 0.5HP to 3HP. We take into account factors such as borehole depth, distance from borehole to tank and/or taps. As well as the power source you’ll be using, and the intended use for the water.  If you are installing a pump for a farm or commercial premises we recommend that you request a site visit.Get the Catalogue & Price list…

The standard borehole pump installation package includes
  • the submersible borehole pump 
  • all plumbing material from your borehole to your water tank and/or directly into your taps and sinks
  • all electrical material to connect the pump to WARMA, generator or solar power 
  • sand and lime scale filters that filter dirt and impurities
  • a manhole cover which protects the borehole pump underground from theft and vandalism
  • sensors that switch the pump on when your water tank is no longer full or when taps are turned on
  • sensors that switch the pump off when your water tank is full or taps are not in use
  • as well as sensors that switch the pump off when water is too low in your borehole
  • all electrical and plumbing labour
Convenient hustle-free buying process
  • No hidden costs – the amount on the quotation is all you will pay, no extra amounts will be requested.
  • You can request and receive quotes from the comfort of your home or office. We are available online and send out quotes via Whatsapp and Email.
  • You can request that one of our welders come to your property to take measurements or assess for a custom quote (site visits are FREE within Harare)
  • There are multiple payment options you can take advantage of.  You can visit our office for payment or request that we come collect payment or bring a swipe machine. You can also process transfers remotely.
  • When you place your order you’ll receive a detailed timeline of when each stage of work will be done


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