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Drilling Company in kenya

Drilling Company in kenya
Drilling Company in kenya

waterlink offers an unprecedented service in Borehole drilling through most of kenya and has the ability to carry out contracts in most locations where rotary air percussion drilling is suited.

The machinery waterlink has at its disposal is new generation, well maintained and able to drill to considerable depth. Environmental impact is of great importance to Vortex so is lowered as far as possible. Vortex is registered with WARMA and has numerous referees who will confirm the professionalism with which every task is tackled.

Lead time is reduced as waterlink has a number of drilling rigs capable of drilling several holes a day. Casing is installed, either into competent rock or throughout, ground depending. Clean washed gravel packing is placed in the annulus between the drilled hole and casing to aid with water flow and stability. This is the most important step.


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