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The cost of drilling a borehole in Kenya depends on many factors among them the geographical location. The main factor in determining the cost drilling the borehole is the depth (how deep does it have to be). It also depends on the equipping needs. There are many variable cost.

Hydro-Geological Survey is between Ksh Ksh.50,000/- to Ksh 80,000.This gives you depth of drilling, formation of soil , quality and expected water yield and is a requiement by WRMA for permit.



  1. Cost of borehole drilling in taita taveta county town mwatate

  2. The cite kiambu area. The well is 100ft. Deep .iIm requesting whether it can be drill 200ft.more

    1. Thank you for your interest in our services

      Borehole drilling is a process that begins with the Hydro-geological survey and Environmental Impact Assessment, by professionals accredited to Water Resources Authority ( WRA) and NEMA respectively for the purpose of Authorization to drill.

      The former process also provides us with an estimated drilling depth which forms the bases of the Costing, as the total cost is dependent on the final depth.

      For budgetary purposes however;
      The Hydro-geological survey will cost Ksh 50,000 plus Ksh 7000 for the Authorisation to drill permit from WRA application and subsequently Ksh 40,000 for NEMA. The actual drilling will cost at an average of Ksh 6500 per metre as the cost of steel have gone up

      From experience, depths will range approximately 150-200 metres in your location(meaning drilling alone will average 1-1.3Million), A hydro-geological survey is thus paramount for us to have acloser estimate of the depth. This can be undertaken as soon as you are ready.

      NOTE You will finally need an electric(Three phase) pump whose cost will only be determined after the drilling and testing the yield capacity of your borehole though Ksh 450,000 is a good estimate

      We hope this gives you an insight of the process and the requirements, including cost estimates.

      We will undertake all the applications and follow up the issuance of the licenses after you commit us for the drilling work upon receipt of our quotation.

      Revert to us for any clarification and/or more information on the same.


      Technical Team Leader

      Visions plaza, Mombasa road

      Mobile: +254 722740522

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