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Cranes For Hire In Kenya

Union Equipment Trading Limited

Union Equipment Trading Limited

We have a large variety of cranes available for hire in Nairobi, kiambu thika  and kajiado/narok an machakos. Best Cranes for Hire in Nairobi Kenya Crane For Hire In Kenya crane for hire nairobi crane services in nairobi Cranes for hire in kenya cranes for hire Kenya

Union Equipment Trading Limited crane rental kenya Hiring affordable forklift & crane rental services in Kenya can be challenging. You spend hours, sometimes days searching online for trusted companies at the most competitive rates. And it’s a huge time-consuming. union equipment cranes Services is here to help you save valuable time, optimize costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks for your project. It is the finest choice for your logistic services needs in Kenya.

Best equipment with highly qualified operators at the most competitive rates
Our forklift & crane rental services, excavators, bucket loaders, crawler bulldozers come with highly qualified operators at the most competitive price.crane rental kenya Various construction equipment for hire available. First, specify your request by filling out the questionnaire. Then, within hours, you will receive free quotes from our experienced forklift & crane rental experts. Our Specialists are ready to provide you with the right Construction Equipment in Kenya. You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you

crane rental kenya We bring the expertise you’re looking for, straight to you – simply

Cranes for hire in kenya

cranes for hire Kenya Hire Construction Equipment in Kenya: We provide a wide range of Forklift & Crane rental services at affordable rates for your project in Nairobi.

Union equipment trading limited has the most modern fleet of heavy lifting equipment, from cranes to to forklifts. Our range of products combine vast lifting capacity with a long reach, relatively small footprint, flexible configuration and quick mobilization. These highly versatile cranes provide significant improvements in construction and turnaround efficiency.

With a combination of specialized equipment and in-depth, sector-specific engineering experience. We help clients benefit from greater safety and efficiency, whether in capital projects or ongoing maintenance. We often find ways of shortening the critical path through carefully planned and executed lifting operations. The result is projects completion on time or ahead of schedule, ensuring maximum up-time.

Union equipment trading limited operates a fleet of various cranes in Kenya with an individual lifting capacity ranging from 25 tonnes to 200 tonnes.We offer site surveys,lifting planning,method statements and risk assessment from the commencement to the completion of your projects.All equipments are well maintained and upto the certified standards and as  well as a  liability policy. cover.

Hire Construction Equipment in Kenya: We provide a wide range of Forklift & Crane rental services at affordable rates for your project in Nairobi.These include Crane Trucks up to 40 Ton lifting capacity, Mobile Cranes from as little as 5 ton crawlers to 200 Ton mobile cranes. The projects, rigging and heavy lifting divisions hvae up to 500 Ton mobile cranes in their fleets.   Union equipment trading limited is are fully registered firm/organization with the Registrar of companies in kenya. We have a wide range of cranes from 5-150tons available for specialized and heavy lifting. With a well trained and experienced team of operators and banks men,we ensure safe work and zero Harm. The key to our success is our commitment to quality, our continuous investment and training in the newest technology and craftsmanship. With Union equipment trading limited on your team, you’ll find the experience, expertise and integrity necessary to manage and complete your next project on time.we have been providing our clients with reliable solutions to their most complex services in Cranes, Transport, Rig moves, construction needs and challenges.


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