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Waterlink Limited is one of the leading borehole drilling in Kenya. We provide a world-class borehole drilling service to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets by utilizing the latest borehole drilling technology and machinery. We do Symmetric Drilling, Core Drilling and Geo-technical Drilling. We have drilled hundreds of boreholes across the country and East African region as a whole. We install submersible electric pumps, solar pumps and hand pumps, erection of steel tanks&towers as well as comprehensive maintenance and service on existing boreholes.The cost of the submersible pump system and electrical controls depends on the borehole depth, flow and pressure requirements and how far water has to travel to reach the property.

Waterlink delivers borehole drilling in Kenya, Geological surveys, solar etc. 10+ Years Of Experience. View Portfolio. Get A Quote. Open Monday To Saturday. View Services.Our aim is to provide quality, clean water and boreholes that can be well maintained and long lasting.

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borehole drilling in kenya

borehole drilling in Kenya

With over 10 years experience,we have drilled many water boreholes throughout Kenya and have installed many of borehole pumps, creating an excellent reputation for providing reliable water supplies


Borehole Pumps in Kenya

For all Water pumps · Solar Pumping Systems; Borehole Pumps. Submersible Motors  in kenya Water pumps · Solar Pumping Systems; Borehole Pumps borehole Submersible pumps in Kenya Grundfos and Pedrollo pumps

hydrogeological survey in kenya

hydrogeological survey kenya

Our specialists perform comprehensive hydrogeological services offering fully integrated engineering solutions.Our specialists perform comprehensive hydrogeological services This survey is important and must be carrier out before actual drilling.

borehole elevated tanks kenya

borehole elevated tanks kenya

waterlink limited kenya does design and installation of elevated steel tanks  in Kenya.we do  installation of elevated steel tanks in Kenya.we have technicians who design, fabricate and install elevated water tanks

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